Monday, April 6, 2009

Play Ball!

I did. I promised pictures of the big game by Sunday and I failed. And, on top of it, I didn't take very many pictures because we were so into the game! These aren't the greatest of pictures, but hey...they are pictures.
The first picture of the game. You will notice Aidan in the outfield and Luke at shortstop.
Mr. Luke. The man! Practicing his throw. This guy got the FIRST base hit of the season and then two more after that. He is quite the seasoned professional. Way to go Lukas!!
Aidan up to bat. He ended up hitting this one and getting to first base! Right on! Both the boys did awesome in their first game and the Yankees beat the Red Sox 8 - 0! Now onto the next game!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yes, it has definitely been a while, but I promise I will have something new posted by Monday! It is the start of baseball today so I have to post the boys in their uniforms! Go Yankees!!