Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me and my putty buddy

One of my new fave pictures now...

Karate Kid

Watch out! We have a yellow belt in the house!! Luke passed his test on Wednesday night and broke this board to pieces!! Wish I could've seen it. Way to go Luke!

Yum. Sliders.

B's latest...they were so good. Except this plate seemed to have an extra dose of ketchup.

Yes, I am a sucker....

So as I am in the kitchen the other night I see this...I started laughing
and told Luke - "Dude, I so see you." Well, Luke isn't in that little costume it is a stuffed Batman! Luke laughed so hard at me....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

I would just like to point out - this would've been a really cute picture if it weren't for my dork of a daughter thinking she needed to wink for the camera everytime!
See what I mean? No wink...good picture.
Don't ask me the hand signals my son is throwing down. He is the "dawg". Luke is the only one that did this picture right!!

Haircut time before school

The Fisherman

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watering the flowers

Fun at Mema and Pepa and Mema and Pepa's House

Aidan and my nephew Isaac hittin a few balls a the range
Mad Mad

I am sad, I know...

Yippeee!!! So I swaped our HBO for a little we have Dexter, Weeds, Californication....lots of movies. I doubt that we ever leave our house again. It is horrible because the only reason I switched it was so we could watch season 3 of Dexter On Demand.

Mini Garage Golf anyone?

Luke asked if he could do a project with his dad for his dad's birthday. So....Bruce came up with the idea of a little miniature golf in the garage. It was so much fun. Lots of different obstacles to get through. We changed it up a lot. The "hole" was a can of tomato soup....

Happy Birthday Bruce!!

The guys in the shop did this for him. I get to take him out for our own little celebration tomorrow...We had such a great day yesterday though!

Not to brag....

but these cookies were probably the best cookies I have ever ever made.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


If you haven't already started watching this show.... DO IT!!

Missing my kiddos

I have to say... the house gets so very quiet when there are no kids. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing. I miss them.

Cupcakes anyone?

Going to the movie

We had little Mad with us for a week while her big bro was in Disneyland with his dad. So, we really wanted to make this a special time for her too. The first thing on our list...the movies for the first time for her. We totally surprised her and didn't tell her where we were going until we were there. When she walked in she says "WHOA! This place is huge. Look at all the lights on the floor. This TV is WAY bigger than ours."
Mad modeling the latest in 3-D eyewear.
At the end of the movie walking out she told us..."Thank you mommy and Brucey. I lik'id that movie a lot."


It was another Bodega trip for us and on top of that...a little sandcastle building....
We love this below picture just for the fact that "The Tick" looks like he is "lifeguarding" the boys from the fortress.
The completed sandcastle
And the destruction an hour later...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My child with the long hair


So Bruce and I went out golfing at Silverado last weekend. Fun stuff. Although the below picture happened. I broke my driver. Not a good thing when the head of your driver flies farther than your golf ball, but hey....I got my first bogey ever!! Woot!!! The thing though was Bruce wasn't even paying attention to the incredible drive I made! Well incredible for be continued...

We've been doing a bit of babysitting...

Our next door neighbor just got this little Bishon puppy named Dezi. The kids love her and yeah, so do me and B. The good thing is though is she is kind of like a grandchild... she can come over play, get worn out and then we send her home! She is a doll.