Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome the newest member of our family

Six Flags round 2

I forgot my camera so these images will have to do...
This is Boomerang - Bruce and Luke were the only ones to ride this. It makes me nervous. I will ride it of these days. This one is Roar. Wooden roller coaster. Aidan and Luke rode it 3 times
I rode it twice. Scared at first, but really loved it. Aidan got off after riding with me for the first time and said "Wow Mama, you really do scream loud!"
Back at home. Mad tried to stay awake for the movie.
Aidan and Luke. They were tired too! But they watched all of Hotel for Dogs. There was not too much talking during the movie....

Aidan's 1st grade poetry recital

Vichy Elementary He is in the front row. Can you see him?
Aidan was about to pull his hair out he was so nervous right before he got up to do his poem. Here is the poem he memorized Don't Ever Bite Your Sister
Don't ever bite your sister.
Don't kick her in the shin.
Don't slap your sister silly
and don't sock her on the chin.

Don't tape a "Kick Me" poster
upon your sister's back.
Don't take your stinky socks off
and then put them in her pack.

Don't purchase plastic spiders
and place them on her head.
Don't leave your rubber rattlesnake
inside your sister's bed.

Don't do this to your sister
for, if you ever do,
I'm pretty sure she may do something
even worse to you.

Breakfast Burrito break

They all love their breakfast burritos from Golden Bagel.

Our friends in the pool

Wow it has been long

It has really been since April? Wow. Okay, well lets try to do a quick catch up on what we've done...
The first jump into the pool of the season. Early May. It is now mid-June and has really not been warm enough to swim yet. Weird weather.
Aidan contemplating getting in...a Wii game was at stake.
And he got the Wii game.
Luke and dad