Monday, April 18, 2011

Glass in the toe story

About six weeks ago I walked outside without shoes and stepped on a piece of glass.  It hurt know... pulled the glass out of my big toe and proceeded to cry.  Well, a few weeks later my toe still hurt and there was a tiny little bump.  I kept thinking there must be a piece of glass still in my foot, but after digging at it with a tweezer...we found nothing.  Then came Dr. Sea Ranch, even he thought that I had something still in my toe.  We messed around with it and still came up short but we definitely knew something was there after I could feel it.  The next morning (after SIX weeks) I came up with a pretty long glass shard out of my toe.  Immediately my toe felt relief.  I would just like to take this time for thanking Dr. Joyce along with my husband for their assistance in pulling it out.  My toe thanks you.


Ok, so time for the official posting of some of the photos from our little honeymoon.  As most already know, our most favorite relaxing place to go is Sea Ranch.  We love it as it gives us some time to enjoy each other, the ocean and my husband's other  We didn't take the traditional honeymoon as we wanted to invite our favorite people to hang out with - Rick and Laurie!  Here are just a few of our fun times!

My first official time golfing 18 holes at Sea Ranch Golf Links!  Ok so maybe I didn't play the entire 18 holes, but I loved it.  After I got rid of my nerves of people watching me, I started to loosen up an actually hit the ball.  Looking forward to going out again!
A must for a good golf game:  CUTE shoes!
Bruce waiting his turn while Rick tees up
So gorgeous!
Bruce and Rick and their cranberry vodkas.  LOL.
Laurie in her happy place!  Mine too..reading a good book, wine and watching the wave roll in.

Me = not a tomato fan, but I tried it...unsuccessfully.  Everyone else loved.  Although.....
this little tomato type dish was delicious.  I actually ate three of them!
Rick, Laurie and Bruce
Me and my Love Bug...he is gonna kill me that I said that on here.
We decided to stay one more night and checked into the Breakers Inn.  Bruce already got himself comfy.
I took a picture sitting on the couch in the living room just to show how you can see the waves crashing even sitting down.  It was so beautiful!

Bathtub!  My favorite time of night. newlyweds!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're married!!!

We had the best day ever!  We had the opportunity to share our very special day with our closest friends and of course our family!  We were a little nervous because we had so much rain the week before the wedding, but April 1st turned out to be gorgeous and in the 70's!  I wish I could tell you exactly how much I love my husband.  He is the best and I am so very happy to be his wife! 

Bill aka "Minister of Love".  He did a great job and we were so lucky that we had our friend marry us!

Our goregous flowers - provided by Bruce's sister, Laurie!  She just does this as a hobby - we all told her we think she missed her calling.

See what I mean?  I couldn't have envisoned a more beautiful bouquet.  I gave her one picture of what I wanted and she made it even more gorgeous!

Us with Bruce's family - Brother-in-law Rick, sister Laurie and brother Troy

Us with my brother Dakotah, my Dad, my stepmom Melody and my sister Candice - only missing my sister Christine!

My sister Candice with her boyfriend Evan, my stepdad Tom and my mom

Everyone one at the party! 

I love this picture because this is me taking a sneak peak out the window of Bruce.  Bruce kept it a secret as to what he was wearing so I was anxious to see what he looked like. 

One of my favorite pictures.