Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday Celebration for Luke at Six Flags

Yet another great day at Six Flags. We had asked Luke what he wanted to do for his birthday and this was his choice. He made the height requirement for Kong and he really wanted to ride that one...I of course failed to get the picture after he came off the ride. It was pretty funny because he sat in the very front row of the ride (one that scared me half to death) with Rick and Laurie and Bruce rode behind them. You could only see these little leg dangling in the air and flipping all around. He got off the ride and and we asked how it was he said "Fun, except I drooled all over myself!"
Checking out the walrus
Went to Shouka the Killer Whale show sat in the splash zone, up higher most of us (well, not me) got soaked. Last time we sat there we hadn't had a drop of water on us. Ooops. Leaving the show Madison tells me "Mama, I so really love that big big dolphin."
Butterfly house.
Waiting and not wanting to take a picture because the sun was in their eyes.

Balloon Boy Bob

Remember those plastic balloons you blew up with a stick? Bruce bought some for Luke and this was his creation he named Bob. The fumes from the balloons about put us all to sleep. And they make these for children? hehee...

Day for the Queen

We had the Mad girl by herself one night and asked what she wanted for dinner. Her reply was "quesadilla, mac & cheese and pasta." I told her to pick one. But nooooooo....B made it all for her. Spoiled much??

Water balloon fun

She was concentrating really hard because that balloon was pretty heavy.
She threw it, but it didn't pop.
Second try.
Bruce joining in the fun.
He threw it to high for my camera, so sorry, I didn't catch it. I am sure you can imagine what happened next.

Happy Halloween!

Two ninjas out of three...Unfortunately, we didn't have the kids this Halloween, but these two came by to Trick-or-Treat. Next year will be quite a treat though...stay tuned.

Rib Night!

I will just begin by bragging about B...our house smelled so deliciously like Rutherford Grill we all couldn't wait to eat. Wow. That is all I can say - B could give anyone, on any day, a run for their money on ribs. Can't wait for the next batch!