Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I would do if I won the lotto right now

Yes, I am in that kind of a daydreamy type of mood and wishing and hoping...

1.  Immediately take the kids out of school and head to Disneyland for a good five days.  First we would reserve a suite in the Disneyland Hotel much like this one.  To me there aren't too many things as fun as Disneyland.  I may even try to buy myself to the front of each line.  I wouldn't worry about where, when, what we would eat while we were there...we would take advantage of restaurants in the park, fun treats in the park, souvieners and wouldn't worry about how much money it was at all. 

2.  After we get back from Disneyland - we would take the kids to their dad's/mom's house and Bruce and I would now throw the bags in the car and head to our favorite beach place to be...that's right people, Sea Ranch!  And we are splurging on the house that is right on the edge overlooking the Pacific. Maybe like this one:
This will be the table we will sit at, drink a cup of coffee and contemplate how we will wisely invest and spend our money.  Then after we have figured out how we will handle things we will come back to Napa to begin shopping for our dream house...

3.  Buy our Napa Valley dream house.  Something like this one:

4.  Then I would head to the Apple store - get a new computer since mine is broke, the most updated iphone, an ipad and the kids would each have their own all ipods.

5.  I would update my Honda Pilot to the newest version and then maybe, just maybe for a play car I would get this one...

Of course these are just some of the fun things I would do with an unlimited funds....what would you do?