Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bodega Bay

Today we finally were able to make our second trip to Bodega Bay with the kids. It was an awesome day, it didn't rain and we actually got some sunshine for a bit. I have to admit though, waves (sometimes huge waves) were very intimidating to me when you have three kids to look after. After telling and telling the boys to stay back ~ one of them tripped while running back from a wave and ended up doing a frantic crawl (yes, crawl) to safety. After that, he stepped away for a while and realized what he was up against. It is nice that we are so close to the ocean. We'll be going back in April, but without the a little less stressful for mom and dad. Here a few photos from our day out. For those of you that aren't familiar with the Goonies -which come on, who isn't? This rock in the above picture is "Goonie rock". It was where they filmed the pirate ship coming out at the end of the movie. I have to admit, when Bruce told me about this the first time I went to Bodega I was super excited. The Goonies is a fave of mine.
Hunting for crabs
Mad sitting on the rock watching the boys look for crabs. She kept telling me she was "feeezing mama."
I have two 3-year olds on my hands.
Crab castle - notice the crab leg at the top
Someone was excited to be at the ocean.
Time to feel the water.
Notice Madison throwing sand and Bruce with his finger up saying "Mad, we are not throwing sand." Guess she listens well.
Right before they ran all the way down the hill...
Someone was a bit tired. We should've taken the signs when we saw them...a note of things to come....
Someone apparently didn't learn from last time we were all here. You don't feed the birds!!
An almost perfect ending... until.... Madison didn't like the way mommy put her shoes back on. It end up with a screaming Mad, Bruce carrying her to the car, putting her in the car seat and she is crying so hard she starts the gag reflex. I am sorry to end things this way, but lets just say I had a substance not so lovely on my hands and a bunch of dirty towels to end the day. 15 minutes later...the girl was out. And out the entire way back to Napa.

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