Sunday, May 3, 2009

My B, the sis and bro in-laws(pretty much) and the Super

Thanks to a super great friend of Bruce's, we got a two night stay in an absolutely amazing house in Bodega Bay. We had a great time, with great friends, relaxing, golfing, eating and drinking. Already wish we were back.
The "Haven" the first introduction to our "little" home away.
Me and Bruce's lovely room
Dining room which looked out to the 10th hole of Bodega Bay Golf Links
Our sunroom which looked over the Pacific and the 1st hole.
Looking to the left window of the sunroom. Beautiful!
The living room overlooking the ocean ~ the sun room is there on the left. I want to live here permanently.
This was my absolutely FANTASTIC tub!
The Boys.
The girlies.
Rick and Robin
Me and Laurie (B's sister)
Me and the Super
Bill, Me and Bruce
Robin and I headed downstairs to watch the boys play pool.
Great little couple...Ri and Ori
Me and my B.
Robin and Laurie at Northwood
The guys teeing up.
A walk on the beach before we left.
Loved our weekend. I think we will definitely be back very soon...

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