Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy Days

So it has been quite a while since I last updated our blog and lots of changes have happened since then.  The Resort that Bruce & I work at was sold.  A lot of our friends lost their jobs, including my boss, the General Manager of the Resort.  It was very hard to say goodbye to all of these great people.

The Resort was purchased by Johnny Miller (yes, that one) and a couple of his friends.  Now known as "Silverado Investment Group, LLC".  We are now managed by Dolce Hotels & Resorts.  I now have a new boss and things seem to be going great.  I have been completely busy, not much time to catch your breath anymore.  We are currently moving offices and will be located upstairs in the mansion.  I must say, the view from my desk is pretty awesome.  Hope I will be able to focus on work and not on the view!  :)

As for the kids, the boys finished up baseball season at the beginning of June.  All of the kids are now focusing their energies on trying to run the household.  We get in a lot of pool time, but it actually hasn't been much of a summer here.  We have maybe had a week where it was in the low 90's, but lately it has been in the low 70's.  The pool is too cold for me and actually we laugh because the kids now jump in saying the water is freezing.  I think Bruce's words were "it is like jumping into a glass of ice water".

Happy August everyone!!

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