Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Hayes Weekend

On September 4th we finally got to go and pick up my engagement ring and wedding band.  Since we were in Walnut Creek and half way to San Jose anyway, we decided to check out the hotel in the new company we are managed by.  Hayes Mansion.

Our arrival at the Hayes Mansion.  Since we are now employees of Dolce Hotels & Resorts we get to enjoy places such as these for the employee rate of $25 per night.  Pretty awesome perk!  What a great place to celebrate our engagement.

 My ring!  Lovin' it!!

We were pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to a bigger room and we had this waiting for us upon our arrival! We got settled and then ready for our couple's massage.  

After returning from our massage we got back to our room and received this along with a note that said to please enjoy champagne brunch for two in the morning.  Honestly, I don't think we have ever felt so taken care of by a hotel ever!  They were outstanding.  They knew we were celebrating something special and took it to the next level!

Bruce loves when I take pictures and he isn't ready.  This was our room service dinner that night.  

All in all we had such a fun and relaxing weekend!  We haven't had one of those in a while!  Nice to go a short little getaway once in a while and we will definitely be back!

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