Monday, April 18, 2011

Glass in the toe story

About six weeks ago I walked outside without shoes and stepped on a piece of glass.  It hurt know... pulled the glass out of my big toe and proceeded to cry.  Well, a few weeks later my toe still hurt and there was a tiny little bump.  I kept thinking there must be a piece of glass still in my foot, but after digging at it with a tweezer...we found nothing.  Then came Dr. Sea Ranch, even he thought that I had something still in my toe.  We messed around with it and still came up short but we definitely knew something was there after I could feel it.  The next morning (after SIX weeks) I came up with a pretty long glass shard out of my toe.  Immediately my toe felt relief.  I would just like to take this time for thanking Dr. Joyce along with my husband for their assistance in pulling it out.  My toe thanks you.

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