Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're married!!!

We had the best day ever!  We had the opportunity to share our very special day with our closest friends and of course our family!  We were a little nervous because we had so much rain the week before the wedding, but April 1st turned out to be gorgeous and in the 70's!  I wish I could tell you exactly how much I love my husband.  He is the best and I am so very happy to be his wife! 

Bill aka "Minister of Love".  He did a great job and we were so lucky that we had our friend marry us!

Our goregous flowers - provided by Bruce's sister, Laurie!  She just does this as a hobby - we all told her we think she missed her calling.

See what I mean?  I couldn't have envisoned a more beautiful bouquet.  I gave her one picture of what I wanted and she made it even more gorgeous!

Us with Bruce's family - Brother-in-law Rick, sister Laurie and brother Troy

Us with my brother Dakotah, my Dad, my stepmom Melody and my sister Candice - only missing my sister Christine!

My sister Candice with her boyfriend Evan, my stepdad Tom and my mom

Everyone one at the party! 

I love this picture because this is me taking a sneak peak out the window of Bruce.  Bruce kept it a secret as to what he was wearing so I was anxious to see what he looked like. 

One of my favorite pictures. 

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