Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wine Tasting

Me and B at one of my favorite places in the valley ~ Mumm! And now I can officially say I am a wine club member!! This was right after Bruce surprised me and bought two bottles of the Santana sparkling for me. Mumm calls it their "baby DVX". It was quite good.
Still at Mumm in their art gallery featuring Ansel Adams photography. This is my brother's girlfriend Laura. Fun day.
Quite the cute couple if I must say so....oh and Dakotah asked that he pose with his bubbles...
Dakotah's friend Crystal and her boyfriend Anthony
Artesa winery. It was so cold outside but I made them take pictures in front of the fountains.
Bruce looks so thrilled to take this picture. He said his smile juice had ran out.
What a wino...

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