Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Sea Ranch Getaway

The beginning to our long weekend. Maybe we didn't bring enough?
The view from our windows
Love, love, love this picture...sunset walk.
Our little house.
The best shrimp ever!
B on the Grill.
Sea Ranch Golf Links - this was an awesome day. 65 degrees, no wind. Perfect.
Um, hell yeah he made that putt
This guy pretty much rocks in my book - not to mention shot a 79!! Congrats sweetie for breaking into the 70's. Proud of you.
do we look mad at each other? I thought we did so I made him do a re-do! Gotta give my boy props for giving my home town props. Word up Olive Pit!
This is the view from our couch. No zoom. Pretty awesome huh?
Okay, so maybe one of us was done with pictures for the night....
Right outside our back window.
One of my favorite shots...
One last walk along the ocean for us.
Northwood Golf Course, Guerneville - last day of vacation.
The redwoods are amazing.
Okay, come on now - those are some rad shoes...
Honestly, I love the course. It is beautiful.
The last hole, on our last day of vacation...

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