Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Well, it is that time of year again when we make those resolutions to try and better ourselves and our lives...I actually have not partaken in making resolutions or else, I just failed so quickly I forgot I even had one. I decided that I will make some resolutions this year though, so without further adue I present my '10 resolutions. #1: Easy. I joined a gym. Time to lose weight, get healthy, stay healthy and get motivated! - I didn't mean easy, like this would be easy to do, easy like isn't this everyone's resolution?? #2: Read more. Simple. Read more with the family, read before all those books I have been curious to read before the movie comes out! #3 - Cook. Really learn to cook well! I have been doing so much better lately since Bruce and I are on a schedule where I cook one week, he cooks the next so planning out meals and such is actually pretty fun. You should taste my marinated flank steak with a blue cheese butter. Pretty freakin awesome!! #4 - Vacation I don't know if it will happen this year, but I would LOVE to take a plane ride somewhere and get the heck out of California for a vacation. Right now on my list...New York, Hawaii and Sweden.... #5 - Stay positive - this is something I have seriously been working on a lot lately. Whenever something negative comes in my head I try to turn it around to a positive. For example: When we complain we have no money...I have really started to look at the BIG picture, we may not be able to go on fancy vacations or get extravagant things, but we do have a roof over our heads, can pay the bills, have good working vehicles and most importantly a loving family and really, what is better than that??? To you and yours - make this year your best yet! XOXO...

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