Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crawdad fishing at Conn Dam

Okay, so before we went to Conn Dam, I wasn't even positive I knew what a crawdad looked like.  After this day, I can be sure.  I must say...this was SOO fun.  The kids loved it, we loved helping them and it was just an outstanding family outing.  We will do this again!
Lukas, our "seasoned" crawdad fisher with the first catch of the day!  This kid could find the crawdads even if they were hiding...

Aidan and his first catch.  I have to say...Aidan, a couple of years ago, was the type that didn't even want to get near to these thing and now he is totally into all of this stuff.  Note:  Please view the background of this picture with Lukas' Hawaiian fishing shorts, and one on the line.  :)

Mad wasn't so sure about this at first and did a lot of "log sitting" with mommy before she asked Brucey to make her a pole.  This was her first catch.  She then proceeded to tell Bruce to take it off her stick.  He told her if she was going to fish that she needed to do it herself.  She basically said fine and flung it off the stick as hard as she could.  Guess that works...

The "Golden Crawdad"  or as Bruce told them the "Big Kamama" - (forgive me for my Hawaiian spelling - sounds like "Kay -may-uh-may-uh".  They spent a good half an hour trying to get this thing to latch on to their homemade fishing poles with old salami as bait!

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