Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holy HIIT!

Day 2 - HIIT 15 I came into today a bit intimidated about what would be occurring. I knew it would be a tough one and Chalene did not disappoint. Wow. I got through the first three drills. Completely out of breath and feeling good. That last set was so hard. My legs were shaking, sweat coming down my face like tears, but I pushed through and am so glad I did. I am proud of myself today. I pushed my body to the limit. I completed the workout with the stretch 10. I don't feel like I really put my all into that one though. I was wiped from the HIIT. Tomorrow is a rest day and I almost wish it wasn't. Having so much fun with Turbo Fire. I now realize that getting into shape is no easy feat. You must put in the work. There are no secrets. Eat less, move more. And find a workout you love!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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  1. Way to go... You must be totally proud of yourself. I know that it feels so rewarding, when you look and feell good about your self ;)_